10 Ft. 12 Plait Kangaroo Bullwhip by Bernardo Del Carpio

10 Ft. 12 Plait Kangaroo Bullwhip by Bernardo Del Carpio

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This incredible piece of art was hand crafted by the immensely talented Bernardo Del Carpio of Peru.  It is a faithful replica of the bullwhip used by Harrison Ford in the fourth film of the globe trotting adventurer.  Not only does it look beautiful, but it's a functional tool!


Made of Whiskey Kangaroo with Brand Knots, this whip is made to replicate the style of whip designed by Terry Jacka of Australia who has long since retired.  This is braided in 12 plait, with an extended- bound transition, and a redhide fall with twisted polypropelene cracker.  It measures 10 feet from the heel knot to the fall hitch, not including the fall or cracker.  


This whip took over a year to receive as Bernardo's work is in high demand.  This is brand new and has never been cracked.






    High end leather like Kangaroo only lasts as long as it's properly cared for.  Do not crack it on abrasive surfaces like asphalt or gravel.  Only crack it on smooth, clean, dry grass.   We recommend treating it with a good leather conditioner like Pecards Leather Dressing.  Do NOT use light oils like Neatsfoot, as it will deteriorate the leather and shorten it's life. 

    Whips are NOT toys.  By purchasing this item you agree to not hold Thread Lair or it's affiliates responsible for the use or misuse of this product.  The tip of the whip is going over 750 mph and breaks the sound barrier.  They can slice flesh and break bone, so we advise you use caution.  If you're a novice to the sport of whip cracking we recommend wearing heavy clothing, a hat or some form of head protection, and safety goggles.  

    Falls (the long strip of leather that attaches to the end of the braided portion) along with the polypropelene cracker wear down the fastest.  The fall itself will need conditioning because it's the part of the whip that gets the most abuse.  Likewise the cracker or popper too will need care.  These two components of the whip will need replacing over time.  Whips are cleverly designed to allow for these replacement parts without having to reduce the length of the braided portion.

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