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Barbican Hilt Kit from TCSS Parts

Barbican Hilt Kit from TCSS Parts

SKU: BarbDvKit

This is a unique offering.  This is a Barbican Style David Prowse Hilt Kit made mostly from MHSv1 Parts from The Custom Saber Shop.  This design was used multiple times throughout the original three films in different configurations, but this version is a kit made to emulate the version seen at the Barbican exhibit back in the early 2000's. 


Fun fact: The original prop remains in the Lucasfilm Archives and was the one used as reference to build Hayden Christensen's red bladed hilt in Episode 3.  The Episode 3 prop unfortunately never got any screen time.  


  Included are the following:


-8" MHS Double Female Extension

-MHS V1 Blade Holder 12 (Holds a 1" Diameter Blade)

-TCSS Custom Machined Pommel which mimics the stepped details of the real prop

-One Replicas Squared Shroud

-3/4" D-Ring 

-3 sets of black anodized screws to mimic the Plastruct caps seen on the original prop- and to secure the aluminum block which holds the D-ring in place.   


This block will have to be sourced by you, as we had no access to find a premade one.  Or you can fashion one yourself fairly easy from aluminum stock you can find at most hardware stores.


-Roman Props MPP Clamp with Black Side Bars

-Circuit Cards by Slothfurnace or  Blasttech

-TCSS Pommel Insert- Either style 3 or Style 10

-6 T-Track Grips by WannaWanga

-Small Grip Screws by WannaWanga

-Upper Shroud Greeblie by WannaWanga

-TCSS Copper Single or Triple Die LED Heatsink


This hilt is install friendly, and whether you still use single die or triple die CREE LED's like us, or you prefer Neopixel, this hilt should be very easy to install.  We highly recommend any electronics and chassis parts from The Custom Saber Shop!


Keep in mind that this is a KIT!  You will need to assemble, paint, and install electronics yourself, or send to your favorite saber installer to finish for you.  Thread Lair does not offer finishing or install for these or any of our kits, unless otherwise noted.


There are 2 available with no plans to offer them again, some of the parts being custom made- or outright discontinued, so don't miss  out!  This style is very rare, and the ones that do show up on the market don't stay up for sale long- especially ones which you can install!  They often don't include the clamp, grips, or screws that we do.  


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