Rogue Hero Outer Tunic Set

Rogue Hero Outer Tunic Set


This gorgeous Tunic set is made of hand dyed and weathered raw silk with an incredible drape!   The hand dyed method gives a slightly uneven colortone and some subtle weathering which lends itself to the screen used costume's overall utilitarian samurai look.  This looks like it's seen some adventures and we wouldn't have it any other way.



-Wide Cut Sleeves with smooth Silk lining

-Unlined skirt- just like the original!

-Velcro closures

-Correctly cut and attached Tabards that extend down the back and front

-Shoulder Tucks

-Waist Sash (cut on the bias just like the screen used) 


PLEASE NOTE:  Contact us with your waist measurement so we can make sure to fit the sash to you!  These sashes are worn over the belly button so make sure to measure your natural waist- NOT where you wear your pants.  This is a common mistake among many costumers so please be aware!


This style of tunic set was worn by Liam Neeson in the first installment.  


Made to fit a Men's (Large)



    We recommend using COLD water to wash this material on either a gentle cycle in your machine or to hand wash.  This can be dried on LOW heat in the dryer.  We make every effort to seal dyed fabrics but this may not be totally colorfast so we recommend this be laundered separate from other garments just to be sure!

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