Dark Pupil (Style 2) Inner Tunic

Dark Pupil (Style 2) Inner Tunic


This Tunic is as screen accurate as you can get!


This cotton gauze Inner Tunic is made of a Cotton Linen blend that matches the screen used fabric in color and weave.  Features extra long sleeves which gather at the wrist just like on the screen used costume and has velcro closures.  Light and breathable, this shirt will keep you cool under all the added layers of this style costume and the open weave allows just enough stretch for comfort. 


This style of tunic was worn by Hayden Christensen in the second installment.  


Made to fit a Men's (Large)




    For the Inner Tunic we recommend washing on a COLD gentle cycle and HANG to dry.  Once fully dry this can be placed in your dryer for one minute to soften the fibers and remove immediately after.  Excessive heat will cause this garment to shrink and change its texture due to the loose weave.  In order to maintain its accuracy we urge you to follow these care instructions to the letter.

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