Dark Pupil (Style 2) Outer Tunic Set

Dark Pupil (Style 2) Outer Tunic Set


This Tunic set is as screen accurate as you can get!


The Outer Tunic is made from 100% screen accurate fabric in a warm chocolate brown raw silk. 



-Wide Cut Sleeves 

-Silk lined sleeves and skirt

-Velcro closure

-Correctly cut and attached Tabards

-Shoulder Tucks

-Waist Sash with velcro closure


PLEASE NOTE:  Contact us with your waist measurement so we can make sure to fit the sash to you!  These sashes are worn over the belly button so make sure to measure your natural waist- NOT where you wear your pants.  This is a common mistake among many costumers so please be aware!



This style of tunic set was worn by Hayden Christensen in the second installment.  Leather Tabards were also worn with this costume but are NOT included with this set.  


Made to fit a Men's (Large)




    For the Outer Tunic and Sash we recommend either hand washing, steam cleaning, or Dry Cleaning.  The protein based fibers and weave of the silk are subject to pilling which is a distinct feature of this particular textile so some shedding is natural.  

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