Dark Pupil Wool Robe (Style 3)

Dark Pupil Wool Robe (Style 3)

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This is a replica of the Wool Robe worn by Hayden Christensen in the third film.  Made from heavy wool suiting with a distinct texture, this dark brown robe features the correct self-lined oversized hood with pleats on the edge of the collar.  It also has the correct shoulder tucks, with added opera straps to keep it from slipping off your leather tabards, which is a problem that many people face and we've accounted for.  


To use them correctly, just make sure they lay over the front of your shoulders and tie them under your arm, meeting at the small of your back and tie in a loose knot.  Once tied, the straps should be hidden by the robe fronts and secure it to your body enough to prevent slipping.  


This robe has the correct bell shape cut as well as wide hemmed sleeves and correct french seams with blind hem stitching throughout in the appropriate sections.   


One Size fits most.  The photograph shows someone standing over 6 feet tall, for sizing reference.  


    We highly recommend Dry Cleaning to maintain this robe's useable life.  If you care to wash at home, we also sell special detergent for silks and wools (available only within the Continental U.S.) and mesh laundry bags to protect your investment.

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