MHS Parts Robot Remote Kit

MHS Parts Robot Remote Kit

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This is a collection of parts for you to build your own Robot Remote as seen used and worn on the belt of Mark Hamill in the original 1977 film.  This prop was also used by the desert scavengers in that movie and also worn on Harrison Ford's belt in the fourth, fifth, and sixth films.


This kit consists of parts from The Custom Saber Shop as well as hardware store components and vintage camera parts for added detail.


This kit is not meant to be all inclusive, nor is it meant to be 100% screen accurate, but a close representation of the original prop, which was based on a vintage camera flash that commands high prices on the secondary market.  This is your opportunity to get a nice looking replica at a fraction of the cost of the original part.


Assembly required.  This kit is a starting point and intended for somewhat advanced builders who have experience in prop assembly, weathering, and finishing techniques.    

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