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Old Fashioned Classics 10 Foot Kangaroo Bullwhip

Old Fashioned Classics 10 Foot Kangaroo Bullwhip

SKU: Ind4Bull

This gorgeous bullwhip is styled after the type Terry Jacka made for the fourth Harrison Ford Adventure.  


Made by the talented Michael Schoelhamer of Old Fashioned Classics, this American whipmaker's talent is evident in his work and this impressive replica doesn't just look pretty- it's a fully functional tool.  


Made from Kangaroo hide this whip features:


-Kiphide Core 

-2 Plaited Kangaroo plaited bellies

-Veg tanned bolsters with extended binding to stiffen the transition like Jacka's style

-10 ft. Long

-12 Plait Saddle Tan Kangaroo Overlay

-Ending on an 8 plait point

-4 strand wrist loop

-Squared off Transition and Heel Knots

-Redhide fall 

-Polypropylene Cracker (which we added ourselves)


Several extra falls and crackers will be included with the purchase of this whip.


WARNING:  While it should go without saying, for legal purposes we must add this disclaimer to the sale of this item.  Please read this entire disclaimer and your purchase of this item is an agreement to the terms set forth.


1. Whips are real working tools that break the sound barrier.  When used improperly they can cause harm to others, up to and including abrasions, welts, or at worst can slice like a razor, or break bone.  THIS IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION!   The tip of the whip goes over 700 mph.  They are not to be trifled with and require safe handling. 


If you are new to whip cracking it's highly recommended to wear eye protection, ear protection, as well as a heavy jacket as you're first learning and it's highly recommended that you watch some instructional videos on YouTube to learn the basic cracks.  Start slow and practice gentle throws before doing more advanced work.  Remember, the taper of the whip is designed to generate results with minimal effort.  We highly recommend the work of Anthony DeLongis, who teaches the most effective method with the whip.


2.  Whips are NOT ROPES!  Despite the action sequences of stuntmen swinging on whips that you see depicted at the movies, this is the stuff of fiction!  Those "whips" are stunt wires wrapped in leather and are designed to withstand the weight and abuse of trained professionals.  Whips are agricultural tools designed for breaking the sound barrier to herd cattle, or for sport cracking, such as the type of whip work seen to this day in Australia or other farming communities.  Using a whip to climb or swing on is dangerous and you risk injuring youself and destroying your investment.  


Thread Lair will not be held responsible for the use, or misuse of this item and any damage, injury, loss of property, or other risk to the well-being of another person or animal is the SOLE responsibility of the buyer.  We will not be held liable for your stupidity, so be aware of your surroundings before ever handling this.  


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