Olive Drab (Khaki) Ribbon

Olive Drab (Khaki) Ribbon

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We've searched for years to find just the right type of ribbon to replicate the ones seen on the medals awarded to Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford at the end of the original movie.


The weave and color match exactly what we see in all the reference material available to us.  Our research indicates that this 1.75" is the correct width to the screen used ribbon, but we offer this in two sizes depending on the size of your medallion replica.


1.75" Wide


Sold by the yard.

RESIN MEDALLION IS NOT INCLUDED!  This is only shown for reference to show the accuracy of the ribbon sold here.  


    If you're using this as the trim detailing for your Mark Hamill style Desert Pancho from the fourth movie here's a tip that will help calculate how much you will need.  Take your full height in inches.  Multiply that number by 5 and then divide by 36.  The result should give you the amount of yards you'll need.  Remember, it's best to overestimate than underestimate!

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