One Replicas SSMP (Style 4) Saber Hilt

One Replicas SSMP (Style 4) Saber Hilt


This streamlined saber hilt is great for electronics installation and is made of a solid aluminum body with a removable pommel cap, similar to the original flash the prop was based on.  The ergonomic and slimmer design is great for choreographed dueling.   Hidden set screws in the cut out details are an ingenious design that allow you to secure your internals in the hilt without the need for extraneous screws that would hinder the look.




-Hidden activation button underneath the silver knob on the emitter shroud

-Low Profile Control Box with Switches underneath

-Holds 1" Inch Diameter Blade


This style of hilt was used by David Prowse in the original three films.


Listed price is for one hilt each!



    This hilt may have small machining marks or dings, but it's in overall great condition.

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