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Swiss Ammo Pouch Buttons and Rivets

Swiss Ammo Pouch Buttons and Rivets

SKU: Reb4AmB



Sold as (one set) which includes:


     -2 Pouch Buttons

     -2 Rivets

     -2 Washers


These are Genuine Military Surplus Swiss Ammunition Pouch Buttons with Rivets.  Made from Aluminum these are new (old) stock Buttons with newly manufactured Aluminum Rivets.  These are the perfect replacement parts for your worn out or damaged Ammo Pouch Buttons, or if like us, you make your own replica pouches from scratch, these are the ones to get.  Also included is a washer that can be added depending on the thickness of the leather used in your final project. 


As with many of the original vintage parts these are no longer made and as such are limited in quantity. Once we sell out, that's it! Don't miss your chance to finish your prop with the REAL part!  


This small detail was featured on the Double Swiss Leather Ammo Pouch which was a key element of the utility belt worn by Mark Hamill in the original film as well as some of the bandoliers of the desert scavengers also seen in the film.



    Due to the manufacturing of both the vintage Ammo Buttons and the modern manufacturing of the rivets the fit for these need to be adjusted before installation!  We recommend using a 7/64" drill bit to bore open the hole in the button and testing the fit BEFORE you set the button onto your project.  When testing the fit your button should sit just above the bottom of the rivet base leaving a small gap of about 1/16" space.  If your Button sits flush with the bottom of the rivet you've drilled too large a hole.  

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