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Light Brown Woven Trim

Light Brown Woven Trim

SKU: RebRibMed

Nowhere else will you find this screen accurate trim!  We’ve searched for years, quite literally, to find it and we had it custom dyed to our specifications to match as close as we were able to the screen used material.  While the original was made of wool, this synthetic blend features the correct weave and width to match the trim seen on Mark Hamill’s poncho in the original film.  The screen used original poncho featured an identical trim detail along the edges and neckline.


Measures approximately 1.5" Wide.  Sold by the Yard. 


PLEASE NOTE:  We had this professionally dyed, but due to the synthetic weave, it didn't take as evenly throughout so there may be areas where the color isn't totally uniform.  This may not be an issue for those who plan to weather their project anyway, but we felt it was important for our customers to know.  


We also have a limited stock of a more budget friendly trim used for the same purpose.  


    If you're using this as the trim detailing for your Mark Hamill style Desert Pancho from the fourth movie here's a tip that will help calculate how much you will need.  Take your full height in inches.  Multiply that number by 5 and then divide by 36.  The result should give you the amount of yards you'll need.  Remember, it's best to overestimate than underestimate!

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