Beige/ Off-White Cotton (Lightweight)

Beige/ Off-White Cotton (Lightweight)

SKU: Reb5MedF

It’s not your typical costume and it’s one you’ve seen perhaps only once before, but we went for it and sourced this fabric because we wanted to make our own one day.  Mark Hamill wore a set of hospital style garments in the fifth film for the scenes where his character was recouperating. 


This Beige/Off-White Cotton is very finely twilled and drapes nicely, perfect to make pajamas, or any number of things like a nice dress shirt or whatever your imagination can cook up.  We realize it’s not the most common style of costume you’d see or make, but here at Thread Lair we're eager to source not only the most popular designs, but the ones that interest us creatively.  Here’s your chance to stand out from the rest, just like us!


59/60” Wide




    For the beginning and end scenes in the fifth installment Mark Hamill wore a set of hospital gowns, likely custom made for the film, consisting of a pair of drawstring pants, and a traditional tie robe with suede moccasins.  Interestingly the opening scene of the film was written in part to explain Hamill’s differing physical appearance due to scarring incurred from a motor vehicle accident in which he sustained severe injuries. 

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