Rebel Knight (Style 6) Shirt

Rebel Knight (Style 6) Shirt

SKU: Reb6Sh

This is a replica of the shirt worn by Mark Hamill in the sixth film.  Made from Black Cotton this shirt is form fitted for a size Men's Large and features a hidden zipper under the left arm to ensure a snug fit.


This also features the light gray linen plastron (bib) detail seen on the screen used costume as well as black snap closures at the neck and collar.  The subtle darts on the back align either side of the center back seam and these have been lined from the inside to allow for a smooth fit against your skin.  


This was made with our Brushed Black Cotton (Dark Count) Fabric.


This is an extremely form fit costume.  It can fit up to a 42" Chest/ Bust and a 41" Waist.  

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