Deep Tan Jersey Knit

Deep Tan Jersey Knit


This luxuriously soft Deep Tan Jersey Knit fabric is perfect for making Inner Tunics, especially when you consider that it's one of two layers of this style costume that sits right against your skin.  You'll feel like you're wearing pajamas!  Soft, cozy and with enough stretch to allow some acrobatics if necessary.  


A very similar fabric weave and color were used to create the Inner Tunic worn by Liam Neeson's rogue hero in the first installment.  You too can break all the rules in ultimate comfort.


This is a very limited offering and we won't be able to source more so don't miss out!


58" Wide


    An inner tunic of this style can generally take 2-3 yards of fabric to make but the 58" width may require less depending on your patterns and construction methods.  There are only 4 yards of this fabric available for purchase so our best guess is that it's possible to make at least 2 tunic sets from our total inventory depending on your sizing.  For more information about fabric purchasing please visit our Help Center.

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