Cream Cotton Blend

Cream Cotton Blend

SKU: SgTch123OT

This gorgeous Cream Cotton fabric is sold in single one yard increments and has a wonderful drape and hand.  When washed in hot water and dried on a hot setting it crinkles up to give it that wonderful texture that is so distinctive of the Tunic, Tabards and Sash worn by Ewan McGregor in the first three films.  While not an exact match, it is very, very close.  


50" Wide (Unwashed) 


We typically use about 10-12 yards for our Tunic sets.  Your patterns may vary so plan accordingly.  The last photographs are of a Tunic set we made using this fabric.

  • Sold in one yard increments

    $12.00 per yard.


    The fabric sample shown in these photographs has been washed and dried on the hottest settings which is what give this fabric it's crinkled texture.

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