Taupe/Dark Tan Crinkle Gauze

Taupe/Dark Tan Crinkle Gauze

SKU: TaupeRem

When we produce costumes in our workshop we are often left with remanants of fabric that are too small for our purposes but could be of use to other designers.  This gorgeous crinkled gauze fabric is a nice dark tan/ taupe color and it measures 46" wide by 2.75 yards long.  This could be used for a shirt, scarf, decorative trim, or whatever your project requires.


We washed this in hot water and dried it on a hot setting to achieve the crinkled texture, similar to our Beige Outer Tunic fabric, just in a different color.  


We used this fabric in it's unwashed state to make our replica of the Inner Tunic Hayden Christensen wore in the second film.  


    Due to the nature of a remnant piece this is being sold as is and if purchased you are buying 2.75 yards.   The price for this item has already been reduced.  Requests for a cut of this fabric will not be honored.  

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