Undyed Crinkled Cotton

Undyed Crinkled Cotton

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This fabric is very same screen accurate Outer Tunic fabric we sell, the same used to create the Outer Tunic worn by Hayden Christensen in the third film, only undyed.  It's natural color is a salmon/ pink, but can be dyed to any color you wish.  This is 100% Cotton so most dyes should work well.


We are currently out of stock of our Dark Brown dyed fabric but this Salmon material is in hand and ready to ship.  This is also a great alternative for those on a budget because the unprocessed fabric costs less than the custom dyed fabric.  For those who plan to dye this for their Christensen Outer Tunic we recommend a mixture of two parts Brown Dye to one part Black Dye.  


This is currently a limited offering while the finished Dark Brown is delayed for restocking, so this your chance to get the fabric in hand and save some money. 


PLEASE NOTE:  Thread Lair will not be offering any dye services or processing for this material.



    Due to the narrow width and the sash (which is cut on the bias) it’s best to have more than you need, than not enough.  This is one of our best sellers and we’ve supplied this to customers from all over the world. 

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