Veg Tanned Leather Belt Blanks

Veg Tanned Leather Belt Blanks

These beautiful quality Vegetable Tanned 8-9 oz. Leather belt blanks are cut to size for a variety of belt projects.   Just use the drop down menu in order to select the size (width) and style you want.


Each belt strip is approximately 50" Long. 


Note:  Each strip is cut just a hair under the stated width to allow each one to fit within it's respective buckle.  This is standard practice for belt makers working with leather.




Rogue Belt:  Uses 2.25" Wide and 0.75" Wide

Teacher Belt:  Uses 2.25" Wide and 0.5" Wide

Pupil Belt: Uses 2.25" Wide w/ grooves and 0.75" Wide w/ groove

Count Belt: Uses 2" Wide

Knight Belt:  Uses 2" Wide

Wizard Belt:  Uses 2" Wide

Knight Ceremonial Belt:  Uses 1.75" Wide




    Due to the organic nature of Leather there may be occasional scars or marks on the surface but we aim to minimize these buy purchasing high quality hides.  Also note that each hide will absorb dye differently so it's important to be aware of this when dyeing your project.

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