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Webley 'WG' Army Model Revolver Replica

Webley 'WG' Army Model Revolver Replica

SKU: Webly4

This amazing 1:1 scale Polyurethane Resin Cast Webley Revolver is the perfect addition to your prop arsenal.  Made by MottProps, this has been painted and weathered by an artisan in the UK and imported to the U.S.  This model is known for it's distinctive bird's head style curved grips.


Cast from a purportedly lineage mold from one of the non-firing stunt props used in the films, this rare style of sidearm was used by Harrison Ford during his adventures in the third and fourth movies.  Lightweight, and true to scale, even the correct markings are present on this replica down to the serial numbers, confirming that it was indeed cast from a mold made from a real Webley Army Model pistol. 


We personally have not been able to match any of these serial numbers to any known Webley props from the films that have come up for auction over the years- but this particular serial # may be in a private collection- or the Bapty Armory in the UK, so we can neither confirm nor deny any lineage to it's film provenance.


This is solid cast in Polyurethane Resin and cannot fire, nor can it be made to fire.  Due to strict gun laws this will only be sold and shipped within the Continental U.S.






This cast is very rough, and we received it in this condition.  The barrel is warped, there are rough patches, air bubbles, prominent seamlines, holes in the cast, and there are bits of sharp flashing (resin that leaked from the seams making up the two mold halves) that will need to be filed or sanded down by the buyer.  


We have not made any modifications to this prop and it's being sold as is, but with a bit of finishing it can make for a really beautiful (and very rare) prop for your adventure collection.  

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