The following images are samples of our work which contain items from our personal collection or from previous commissions.  Costume design is our passion and we hope it shows in the work we produce.  Click on each image for a closer look.  For mobile users click right to see all the available images.


Commissioned work is available upon request but please note that in order to maintain the highest of standards for each of our clients we reserve the right to limit these depending on the availability of materials and to ensure that we give each project our full attention.  Please remember that in order to produce high end garments that are custom made just for you, considerable care and an acute attention to detail are necessities.  These two qualities require time to execute properly. 


For inquiries about commissioned work please contact us at:

Or call us at: 510-831-1201 M-F 9am to 5pm EST

Mark Hamill Desert Ensemble
New York Comic Con 2011
Blast Shield Helmet (Hand Painted)
Blast Shield Helmet (Weathering)
Alec Guinness Ensemble
Alec Guinness Belt
Mark Hamill Knight Ensemble
Liam Neeson Ensemble
Hayden Christensen Tunic (minus Leather Tabards)
Ewan McGregor Tunic 3
Ewan McGregor Ensemble 3
Ewan McGregor Robe 3
Gifted to Adam Savage of Mythbusters
Fantasy Warrior Belt and Vest
Fantasy Warrior Boots and Sword Scabbard