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Here's what some of our customers have to say about Thread Lair

Testimonials: Testimonials

"I've ordered a couple of costumes from Thread Lair and have been immensely satisfied.  The quality of the work is incredible, the rates are more than fair, and communication and coordination with me as a client were gratifying and reassuring.  Purchasing a high quality costume is an investment and I never had to doubt that my desires or concerns were being addressed.  I absolutely plan on ordering more from Thread Lair in the future." 
Adam Nixon - Canada (Animation Department, Stranger Things -2016)

"I can vouch that not only is the pattern amazing, but the fabric is perfect too!  This is the robe to get!"

Greg Boggs - Texas

 “The fabrics are of the utmost quality and color.  Not only are they hyper accurate to the screen used ones, they're also definitely worth your money if you’re looking for good fabrics!  The AOTC and ROTS fabrics are immaculate for sets and feel amazing!”

Nick Avery - Kansas City

"You won’t find a better fabric source than Thread Lair. Their selection is immaculate, and it helped me to achieve a next level of screen accuracy for several of my projects, that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise!" 

Dan DeChellis - New Jersey

"Perfect texture and weight material!  Wearing my tunic made with this fabric made me feel just like I walked onto the set of Episode 3."

David Flores - Arkansas

"The Thread Lair Mark Hamill ROTJ cape is a great purchase. Highly movie accurate in colour, texture and cut. It drapes and falls exactly as it should. I'm extremely happy with it.  Nathan was friendly, fast and quick to message back throughout the process. Highly recommended!"


Christian Guldager -Denmark

"Thread Lair was amazing to work with in obtaining the accurate fabric for my ROTS costume. The custom fabric is amazing, being a perfect match texture and color wise to the movie.  A lot of effort and research goes into everything sold here and it clearly shows! 10/10!"   

Cody Templeton - Iowa

"Well this endorsement is a no brainer really!!

I was upgrading the inner tunic of my ROTS build late last year, and Nathan had one for sale that he scratch made using the legit fabric from the movie.

Needless to say, it's phenomenal; and immediate talks ensued about having him work on the rest of my soft goods upgrades.

....super chill and nice dude on top of it all!

Wishing you the best on your new business, I'll happily be a returning customer and friend."

Gregg Milite - New Jersey

"Thread Lair strives for screen accuracy.  The research put into these fabrics has given many cosplayers a much better alternative than the commonly used fabrics." 

Dominic Nobile - California

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