1.875" Wide Khaki Ribbon

1.875" Wide Khaki Ribbon

SKU: RK4Trim

This 1.875" Wide Khaki Ribbon is made from 100% Wool just like the screen used original.  This material was used as the trim detail at the edges and neckline of the Pancho worn by Mark Hamill in the original film.  We've searched for years to find this and we're ecstatic to be able to offer it to our customers! 


This is shown with our Sand Wool Coating fabric to give you an idea of how your finished Pancho can look if you use both these materials.  


While our current inventory is limited, if this becomes as popular as we think it will, we may have the opportunity to have more custom woven for us.  


Sold by the Yard.


    If you're using this as the trim detailing for your Mark Hamill style Desert Pancho from the fourth movie here's a tip that will help calculate how much you will need.  Take your full height in inches.  Multiply that number by 5 and then divide by 36.  The result should give you the amount of yards you'll need.  Remember, it's best to overestimate than underestimate!

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