Dark Brown Lambskin Hides

Dark Brown Lambskin Hides


These beautiful, rich, Dark Brown Lambskin Hides average 6-10 square feet and are soft to the touch.  The thickness ranges from 1.5 to 2 oz and may be sewn on a home sewing machine with a heavy duty needle and a large stitch setting.  Featuring a smooth grain, Lambskin is a premium garment leather, favored by artisans for good drape as well as minimal scarring.  These hides are tanned with the finest garments in mind and will be sure to add a touch of elegance to your project.  


Sold by the Hide.  


This type of leather was used to create the outermost Tabard layers of Hayden Christensen's ensembles in the second and third installments.  Why settle for pleather or vinyl when you can get the real thing?


Buying Guide:


For our Tabards we use approximately 4-5 hides (per Tabard Set) but this will depend greatly on your height.  Due to the organic nature of leather this will also vary depending on the size of the hide.  


    Due to the organic nature of leather, each hide may feature minor scarring, uneven cuts, holes, or other blemishes that are the result of the life of the animal or the tanning process but these tend to be minimal, though it's important to note.  Each hide will vary and the square yardage is an average so plan your purchase accordingly!

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