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Ewan McGregor (TV Series Robe) Light Brown Raw Silk

Ewan McGregor (TV Series Robe) Light Brown Raw Silk

SKU: EwnSrsRb

It appears this type of fabric was used to make the new style of hooded robe worn by Ewan McGregor in the Limited Series which streamed this past summer and this is a very close match to all the reference we've seen.  


This 100% Raw Silk fabric  has a nubby texture and incredible drape which are the most distinguishing characteristics of this material.  Check the video to see this with our Linen Shirt fabric!




THIS LAST BATCH IS CUT INTO SECTIONS.  5.5 Yards, 1, and 2.5 Yards totalling 9 Yards.  Just enough to make a single Cloak like the one seen worn by Ewan McGregor throughout most of the limited series!  Remember this style of hooded cloak is totally self lined so you'll need double the amount you normally would and fortunately it features a lot of seams which helps given that this is already cut into smaller pieces. 


We make every aim to cut orders of fabric in one continuous piece but in this case our supplier only had sections to be able to restock us.  As such, if you order this material in sections larger than the sizes listed your order will come in multiple pieces.  





    This fabric is not colorfast so we highly recommend that you wash it separately from other garments when laundering.  We also recommend that you use a gentle detergent to maintain its useable life.  If properly cared for, silks can be heirlooms which can be passed down to generations as evidenced by historical artifacts we’ve seen on display in museums.

    Silks should be washed the same way you wash your hair.  You wouldn’t use a harsh laundry detergent on your scalp and likewise you shouldn’t use it for silk either.  We suggest using a natural soap that lacks synthetic cleaning agents or a formula made specifically for silks.  

    A gentle cycle is recommended for washing (or hand washing/ steam cleaning is preferred) and low heat in the dryer.  Alternately it may also be preferable to lay flat to dry and then in the dryer on LOW heat for one minute to soften. 

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