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Mark Hamill Ep. 6 Cloak Wool Blend Knit

Mark Hamill Ep. 6 Cloak Wool Blend Knit

SKU: MkEp6Clk

In 2017 we found and purchased the last stock of a 100% Wool Knit and a Wool Blend Knit which was as close as anyone has sourced to the type of material used to make the hooded cloak worn by Mark Hamill in Ep. 6.


Since then we've been searching for more of either material, or as close as we could, to those two fabrics with no success. 


Until now.


This Wool Blend Knit Fabric isn't an exact match to the previous two, but the weave, weight and color are extremely similar.  This stretch fabric has a loose weave and drape that mimics the cloak worn by Hamill in the classic film. 


Lightweight, with a sheer weave that allows light to pass through easily- you'll instantly think of Hamill's entrance into the palace at the beginning of the film- the twin suns burning through the material to reveal a shadowy silhouette.


We purchased the very last stock from our supplier and it's a very limited batch.  Only 19 yards are available.  It took us 7 years and hundreds of dollars in sample swatches to find a worthy replacement for the original material that we scoured the world for, so don't miss your chance to grab this while it's still available.  It may take us another few years before we'll be able to track down more!


55" Wide



    If you're purchasing this material to make a Hamill cloak, on average you'd need approximately 5 yards.  Normally you would cut this material on the warp threads (with the selvage on the right and left) so it would run vertically.

    The beauty of this fabric is that the weft (width) of the material will allow you to cut the material with the selvage on the top and bottom, and this is long enough to fit someone 6 feet tall.  This also means that the material is wide enough to achieve the film accurate look (with no center back seam).   

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