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Mark Hamill (Ep. 6 Vest) Black Raw Silk

Mark Hamill (Ep. 6 Vest) Black Raw Silk

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This gorgeous Raw Silk fabric is similar to the type of fabric used to create the Vest, Stole (Scarf) and Sash worn by Mark Hamill throughout much of the sixth film.  With a looser weave and pilling finish, the look of this material is unlike any we’ve seen.  Texture is the name of the game here. 


To achieve the look seen in the film we recommend washing and drying this material on HOT settings.  This will cause the fabric to discharge enough to give that faded look and the heat from the dryer will cause it to shrink and pill up for a nubby texture.  The screen used original was not gray. This is a common misconception and when we saw the screen used costume in person we confirmed that it was indeed a faded black.


41” Wide



    This fabric is not colorfast so we highly recommend that you wash it separately from other garments when laundering.  Once the initial wash and dry has been done (as described above) we also recommend that you use a gentle detergent to maintain its useable life.  If properly cared for, silks can be heirlooms which can be passed down to generations as evidenced by historical artifacts we’ve seen on display in museums.

    Silks should be washed the same way you wash your hair.  You wouldn’t use a harsh laundry detergent on your scalp and likewise you shouldn’t use it for silk either.  We suggest using a natural soap that lacks synthetic cleaning agents or a formula made specifically for silks.  

    A gentle COLD water cycle is recommended for washing (or hand washing/ steam cleaning is preferred) and LOW heat in the dryer.  Alternately it may also be preferable to lay flat to dry and then in the dryer on LOW heat for one minute to soften. 

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