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Alec Guinness (Inner Robe) Slub Woven Raw Silk

Alec Guinness (Inner Robe) Slub Woven Raw Silk


Made of 100% Raw Silk, this is a luxury fabric with a horizonal weave just like the original screen used fabric, in a Light Cream color with uneven slubs throughout.  The warp threads are as fine as a single hair while the weft threads are thicker and uneven in places and this weave is what gives it such an elegant drape. 


We HIGHLY recommend using a Fine Ball Point needle when sewing and remember that it frays very easily so it’s best to French Seam or Serge the edges to prevent this.  It’s also important to note that if you plan on adding the false darns (patches) to your Robe, like they did on the original costume, you should test your methods on a small piece of this fabric before you install the darns on your final garment.

We also offer a specially woven raw silk open weave if you prefer to emulate the false darns without having to hand weave them.  See SKU: WizSlkDrn


54” Wide




We had the privilege to see the screen used original costume worn by Alec Guinness while it was on exhibition here in New York.  We’d always loved its samurai inspired look and to see it on display with our own eyes was something we will never forget!  If you love costume design you must understand how iconic and influential this ensemble was to an entire generation.  Not only did it become a hallmark image of that game changing movie, but it inspired the look of subsequent designs in the franchise in the years that followed, much to the surprise of costume designer John Mollo. 


This same fabric was used on the puppet costume as performed by Frank Oz in the fifth and sixth installments and Irvin Kershner, the director of the fifth film, had an unlined jacket made from this type of silk because he too fell in love with this textile. 


We spent a great deal of time sourcing this fabric and we believe there is none better.  The color, the weave, the weight, the drape, all match perfectly to the original from every known reference image, screenshot, and what we saw in person.  Like the original this material is not cheap, but when you see it for yourself, you too will be convinced.  In fact the screen used costume fabric was also one of the single largest expenses on that budget strapped first movie, but it was clearly worth it!



    If properly cared for, silks can be heirlooms which can be passed down to generations as evidenced by historical artifacts we’ve seen on display in museums.

    Silks should be washed the same way you wash your hair.  You wouldn’t use a harsh laundry detergent on your scalp and likewise you shouldn’t use it for silk either.  We suggest using a natural soap that lacks synthetic cleaning agents or a formula made specifically for silks.  

    A gentle COLD water cycle is recommended for washing (or hand washing/ steam cleaning is preferred) and LOW heat in the dryer.  Alternately it may also be preferable to lay flat to dry and then in the dryer on LOW heat for one minute to soften. 

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